Thursday, June 26, 2008

ENO Wine Bar to Take Flight

Good news for all you oenophiles still standing in line at Cork: the $35 million restoration program currently underway at DC’s Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, at right, will include – surprise! – a wine bar. Well, a wine, cheese, and chocolate bar, to be exact.

Attempting to capitalize on the current wine bar craze sweeping DC, ENO Wine Rooms (located in several high end hotels across the country), touts itself as “a sleek and sensual alternative to traditional wine bars…where you’ll experience a dazzling taste and sensory experience.” Wow, way to manage expectations.

ENO gives guests the option of choosing flights (i.e., sets of three) for each of these guilty pleasures. And it’s a good thing – with 300-500 types of wine, 35 types of cheese, and a multitude of chocolate selected from local chocolatiers being offered, getting through the menu will require a lot of, er, flight-ing.

No word yet on when ENO is slated for completion.

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